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Get RSS Feed March 24 2011
July 3 2009

Content is King – Duh

The saying goes that content is king. That is a ridiculously cliché sentence that doesn’t get any more true. People say that back links are king or that search engine rankings are king. That is rubbish. Having good content is ... Read More

July 2 2009

Deciding How Flashy to Make a Website

There is no denying that having a really flashy, colorful, detailed website is a really desirable type of site. The flash is attractive, the colors are appealing, and the details make the site look so unique, no one could possibly ... Read More

July 1 2009

Should You Make a Website?

As the World Wide Web has grown more and more, one of the biggest questions people have been asking themselves is whether or not they should have a website made for their company. More people are starting to hop online ... Read More

June 30 2009

Using Google to Get Your Business on its Feet

Owning a website is a great feeling and it can be a really encouraging feeling to wake up, get on your computer and start publishing content on your business website with the hope of it becoming an ... Read More

June 29 2009

What exactly is SEO?

Often times, people have to stop what they’re doing and ask themselves: what is SEO? Sure, they know that SEO is important for their website and they know that if they are going to have success on the web, they ... Read More

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