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Get RSS Feed April 12 2011
January 4 2011

Comparing HTML websites vs. CMS websites

It is important for your web designer to know the best approach to use in every situation, when building a simple website or a complex one, allways remember to ask questions and the more feedback you can give/get the better ... Read More

October 12 2010

Benefits of choosing Custom Website Design Services

The truth is that having an online presence with your business is no longer good enough in this day and age. The internet is crowded with pages and what captures attention is not only a good looking website but rather ... Read More

October 12 2010

Web Content Management System (CMS): Why You Need To Have One

Content management system sets you free from the bonds of conventional web design. Think about you being in full control of your website. There are definitely several benefits that come with this, two of which are cost and time. ... Read More

October 12 2010

Why Good Web Design is Important for Your E-Commerce Site

The internet is getting increasingly crowded with stiff competition. This is reason enough for your business to stand out from the crowd. Failing to pay attention when designing your website will make it no different from thousands of amateur websites ... Read More

October 5 2010

Three effective Web Statistics tools you can use to monitor the performance of your Web site.

You need to monitor the performance of your website in order to know the kind of improvements appropriate to it. Suppose you want to increase traffic to your site by 5000 visitors per month with your current traffic count at ... Read More

October 5 2010

Custom web design: Seven mistakes you need to avoid

There are tons of websites out there offering “to teach you good web design by showing you a bad one”. However, things are not always as crystal clear as these sites portray them when you get down to your own ... Read More

January 1 2010

7 Tips for Good Web Design

I like the number 7, which is why I keep choosing it for my posts.  It’s an odd number, small enough to be remembered easily but not too many that it becomes tiresome to read. While most of you will already ... Read More

December 23 2009

7 Mistakes Web Designers Make. pt2

Continuing on from the previous post about frequent mistakes we as designers spot on websites when surfing.  We don’t spot them on purpose, we don’t set out to pick holes in other people’s work, it just happens.  Just like a ... Read More

December 17 2009

7 Mistakes Web Designers Make

As web designers it’s fairly standard for us to critique every site we see, especially as design is more than just a job to us.  Most of the time it’s unconscious, when we surf a site and see poor design, ... Read More

December 11 2009

Good Site Navigation

Navigation is the key to the success or failure of any web design.  It determines how a user moves around the site which directly affects usability.  The easier someone can move around and find what they need, the more successful ... Read More

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