Common Pay-Per-Click mistakes you need to avoid

Pay-Per-Click marketing is one f the fastest ways of generating instant traffic to your website. However, it can cause you to loose money if you are not using the right techniques to create ads that will attract more ads and sales. This specifically true when you are using Google AdWords as your advertising platform. AdWords PPC is the most competitive advertising platform used by most internet marketers to generate traffic and sales. However, most of them fail badly.

Here are five common PPC mistakes that you should know and endeavor to avoid if you want to succeed with your campaign.

i. Setting your initial bids very high

Most online marketers begin bidding too high in their quest for top position before they can identify their profitable keywords. While bidding at $0.50 or $1.00 per keyword may get you to the top of the search results, it will cost you if those clicks fail to convert into sales. Begin by testing your PPC ads with a range of targeted keywords with lower bid price and monitor them to identify profitable keywords. You can then abandon keywords that fail to convert clicks into sales while focusing on keywords that are bringing good returns

ii. Enabling ads on content network

Most marketers fail to turn off the content ads when they begin a new campaign. Before confirming that your new campaign is effective enough to make profits, you need to turn off the content network and focus only on the search. Enabling your PPC campaign on content network will cause your ads to appear at relevant sites with AdSense ads, and this will increase your ads impression while reducing your CTR causing the quality score of your ads to decline hence you will need to bid higher to activate your keywords.

iii. Wrong and untargeted keywords

If you are selling mobile phone applications, targeting keyword “mobile phones” will bring you a lot of clicks. However, the clickers may not buy from you as they may just want to get a new phone, mobile phone wall papers or ringtones. Using wrong keywords may bring a lot of traffic but with no sales.

iv. Poor ad construction

You may use the right keywords, gets a reasonable bid prices with your keyword rich ads appearing on search results yet you still end up with low CTR. This may be because your ad is not delivering the correct message or is failing to give the searchers what they are looking for. Poorly constructed and non attractive ads will neither attract clicks nor generate traffic and thus bring no money.

v. Bad landing page

No matter how great your ads are and how targeted your keywords are or the amount of traffic you generate to a landing page, all these will be a waste if your landing page is poor. Directing traffic to a poor landing page will cause low conversions and you may never make enough profit to cover your marketing cost.