Comparing HTML websites vs. CMS websites

These days, web design is a crucial factor to any internet using individual, whether you are running a small online business or growing a portfolio for a big corporation. Every business does need a website, and a good one for that matter. A quality web design is required to make a website easy to read and navigate. It is for this reason tha you need a qualified web designer.

Depending on your client’s needs, a web designer can come up with a single webpage with essential information like your address, hours of business, directions and other important elements or a more complex website designed for use by many people. Usually, the type of web design you go for is determined by the size of the area as well as your specific needs. A standard HTML can be helpful for a relatively small site which will not change much. However, if you want a complex site, then a content management system, CMS, should be your best option.

With a CMS based website, you can add, delete or modify the contents of your web pages while making it easy to edit your site without problems. This type of web design is ideal for businesses that do not have a web master or artists who need to update their galleries on a regular basis.

CMS allows users to take full control of the contents of their own websites using simple text editor just like Microsoft Word. This means that you do not need training in web design to edit or expand your site.

Such CMS systems typically engage a database capable of storing images, content and other system information in XML format. Plug-ins and modules often expand the functionality of the site to make additions making CMS software to run regular maintenance of the website to current standards.

It is important for your web designer to know the best approach to use in every situation, when building a simple website or a complex one, allways remember to ask questions and the more feedback you can give/get the better the finished project is.