Content is King – Duh

The saying goes that content is king. That is a ridiculously cliché sentence that doesn’t get any more true. People say that back links are king or that search engine rankings are king. That is rubbish. Having good content is the king. Having strong, well written, and timely posted content is the key to not only gaining those back links that you want, but securing and holding a search engine ranking that sends in a lot of traffic to your website. However, how do create this elite content that readers will enjoy?
First and foremost, you want to post topics that your readers want. The best way to do this is to solve a problem. For instance…If you own a lawn care company, you may also want to post articles on your site about how to repair a lawn mower, how to care for grass, how to prevent weeds from becoming a nuisance, and so many other topics. These may not direct someone to call you up and say, “Hey, mow my grass,” but someone might come along with a website, see what you have and go, “That’s good content…Let me link to them.” Those links then help you to rank better in the search engines.
So, how often should you post content? Different people have different opinions about that. Google loves to see a consistent flow of content. That doesn’t mean every day. However, if you have the capability to add a new article to your site once a week, Google will see that the site is fresh, up to date, and constantly relevant that they’ll consider it for a higher ranking. There have been sites that have lost their rankings in the search engines, updated their site, pinged the Google bot and suddenly, they were right back where they had been before they lost their ranking. The reason? Google loves content.
The content needs to be unique, though. You can go and use PLR articles, but everyone else uses them, so Google won’t credit for it. Your best bet is to sit down and write the articles yourself. If you can’t write them, hire someone to write them. There are a lot of people out there that will write an article for $15.00 and it’ll give you the necessary updates. It’s not a lot of money, but a constant flow of content will guarantee you’re working your up in the search engines.
Content is king. There are queens and knights and advisors and all of that jazz in the search engine optimization world. However, the best way to rank in the search engines is to have strong content. Have strong content and the rest will just fall into place. The stronger the content, the more links, the higher your ranking, the more business, and finally, the more money. Who can’t use more money in this tight economy?