Custom web design: Seven mistakes you need to avoid

There are tons of websites out there offering “to teach you good web design by showing you a bad one”. However, things are not always as crystal clear as these sites portray them when you get down to your own web design exercise.
Here are some mistakes that you need to look out for and avoid when developing your custom web design.
i. The wall text
Avoid putting up one big chunk of text on your pages. Instead break down your information. You can achieve this by use of:
• Main headings
• Sub headings
• Bullets points
• Bold and italized terms
• Paragraph breaks
• A few graphics
If you are copywriting for your site, you need to objectively considering whether such piece of information is relevant to your site. If you already have a site, examine your analytics for pages that are not visited by your users and consider deleting them.
ii. Being unique vs. Being out-rightly weird
Your custom website design should no doubt be unique. However, in your quest for a unique website, do not challenge these conventions:
• Having the menu at the top or left of the page
• Labeling search buttons “search” and submit buttons “submit”
• Keeping navigation constant
While your website should be unique, let it function just in the same way as its peers do.
iii. Use of PDFs
Only have crucial information in PDF format if you have to. This is because PDF files take pretty long to load, are difficult to navigate to read as well as save or print.
iv. Failing to list prices
The greatest advantage of the web is the wide array of choice together with the speed with which you can access information. A custom website that lacks price list is certainly minus these benefits as it forces customers to wait for communication from you before making their decision to buy. While there are exceptions, try as much as possible to provide guidelines on your rates and prices.
v. Poor search facility
Having a search box is great; however, it will frustrate your visitors if it returns only “exact” matches. Never settle for a “cheap” search box when building your custom website. Put quality first when it comes to this aspect of your web design.
vi. Lack of keywords
You need to know the keywords that are relevant to your business and use them in your website and content. This is important for both the search engines and your visitors as they will help the search engines and users know that they have landed on the right pages.
vii. Custom web design or advertisements?
It is a terribly bad idea having a custom web design that looks like an advertisement. People will quickly leave your site without even looking at its meaning if it is looking like an ad.
Make sure you do not make these mistakes with your web design in order to give your business the best chance of success online