Deciding How Flashy to Make a Website

There is no denying that having a really flashy, colorful, detailed website is a really desirable type of site. The flash is attractive, the colors are appealing, and the details make the site look so unique, no one could possibly fathom stealing anything. However, just because you may want to have a really flashy website with lots of bright colors and a ton of detail doesn’t mean that you should. There are some things to keep in mind when going about making this really flashy, colorful, detailed website. Here they are:

  • Flash: It may look great, but there is still no cemented method in which people can apply SEO to flash. Therefore, there are entire chunks of your website that a search engine bot walks up to and goes, “Well, can’t read that” and skips right off. If your fundamental goal is to drive as much traffic as possible to your website, there is nothing more detrimental than a search engine bot not taking the time to really decipher everything on the site. So, have flash components, but don’t have an entire flash site or you might as well be stuck buying all your traffic.
  • Colorful: Colors are obviously important, but don’t try and start using the neon green for your text. There is a general rule of thumb when it comes to colors and text. Dark background and light text or light background and dark text. Don’t use any yellows or neon greens for text, whether it is dark or light. It just looks bad and it is always hard to read. Add some color, but don’t use a whole ton of it. It’ll just do a lot of bad to your site.
  • Detailed: Detail is good, but if you are too detailed and don’t provide a really smooth navigation, the visitor won’t know where they’re going. By having strong detail, but not neglecting strong organization, you will be able to find a way to get the search engine bots throughout your site as well as the visitor. This is ideal because it results in them potentially becoming return visitors and also, helps the search engine rank you better in their rankings.

Having Flash is great, but not always. Colors are awesome, but with limits. Too much detail and no organization is very bad. However, taking components from each of these three parts can make a site really attractive and very successful. Have a little Flash, use some wise colors, and apply organization to your detail. With this, your site will appear and function a whole lot better than the flashy, colorful, detailed website. That’s for sure.