Grab Attention by Using These Header and Logo Ideas

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The web is always evolving, like a prehistoric beast that adapts to its environment. For web entrepreneurs, it used to be enough just to be seen. But nowadays, webmasters need to grab the attention of the surfer right now. Studies show that the average visitor knows within the first 5 to 10 seconds whether they are going to exit the page.
So as a web designer, the idea is to make the visitor WANT to stay around for a bit. The trend here is towards an oversized logo on an even MORE oversized header. Why do you want a header that might take up the entire page? There are a few reasons, but the biggest one by far is mouse clicks, or rather a lack of mouse clicks.
Over time, web surfers have developed a fear of clicking on things. It requires an action that they maybe don’t really want to do. Take away that fear and all they need to do is scroll down the page, read the content and decide at the end if they want to see more.
This type of web front makes for a great first impression that is not soon forgotten. They feel less pressured and pushed to click. That click, to the visitor anyway, means they are committing to something prematurely. The web designer’s job is take away that feeling and make them feel like a participant, not a rider.
The physiology behind great web design is that you want the design of the web site to be interactive; not user reactive, as in a mouse click. The way the site is laid out should make the visitors feel welcome and free to stay or go at their discretion. THAT is the job of effective web design.
Now when I say that the header takes up most of the page, that means the portion of the page above the bottom of the screen. The old newspaper term “above the fold” comes to mind. Once the visitor scrolls down a bit, the threshold is broken and the feeling that they are STILL in control remains. Everything above the bottom of the screen, or above the fold, is what is seen first, making the almighty first impression.
This can be done easily by using elements like slab typefaces, large images or creative typography. Remember the old Uncle Sam Wants YOU signs from the late 70s and early 80s? That is a classic use of typography combined with large headers. That campaign drew more than a few young men into the military, so it was effective and productive.
The same methodology is at your disposal. The text you select can make or break the entire page. So if you want to grab the reader and shake up and keep their attention, use interesting types and fonts that fit your site’s motif.
Just as important are the images you place on the page. Be sure you make them memorable and impressionistic. Your visitors will remember the entire experience combining the fonts, typefaces and images.