How to improve your Social media marketing campaign with videos

The importance of social media marketing in today’s business environment can never be overstated. Use of social media in marketing can result into incredible increase in sales and overall revenue. Dell reported in 2009 that their presence in twitter accounted for sales of up to $3 million.
Of course Dell is a well known brand. How can you, the little known entrepreneur, use the power of video to get your brand known? It is obvious you can not reach for the big media buys that Dell can afford. However, social media can help you get your brand to millions of people out there.
You Tube, My space and facebook are great social media outlets for this kind of marketing.
There are several reasons why videos can help raise your sales with one being that people are more likely to buy from brands that they are familiar with and can trust. Videos can help bring out that trust and familiarity.
One video is a great starting point to social media marketing campaign. However, it will not be enough in the long run. A series of videos can greatly improve your bottom-line in a very short time span. You can link these series from one to another such as part one, part two and so on. You can also create a number of videos on a similar topic but with no link to one another.
Videos work pretty well for social media marketing of just about any product whether physical or not. Affiliates too can make a lot of money when they use videos to sell the products that they are promoting. The bottom-line is that irrespective of the product, brand or company, you can benefit from using videos to boost your sales and gain recognition during your social media marketing campaign.
There are a few different approaches you use to create the videos needed for such marketing. While some allow absolute creativity, others capitalize on efficiency. Beema and Animoto are two examples of services that can help you come up with a great video in no time.
Beema’s animation is the most effective in terms of making a video into your social stream. You can accomplish the whole process in minutes. The flexibility of Beema in terms of creativity can also be applied to the characters that you animate. With Beema, you can animate almost anything you can imagine from logo to product to brand and even avatars.
Consider giving videos a try during your next social media marketing campaign as most of these sites are free. By measuring traffic to your site, you can determine whether these videos are improving your click through.