How to increase your sales with video testimonials

It is a fact that watching consumers speak praises about a particular product is very persuading. Same information is more inspiring when presented through a video than when presented through written text. Not only is it more believable but also very convenient as it doesn’t require the audience to know how to read to be able to get it.
With a camera and a computer with internet connection, here are five steps to creating a video testimonial that will help you boost your sales and generate more revenue to your business.
i. Open a You Tube account
You are going to need a place to post your testimonial videos after creating them. This is where YouTube comes in. YouTube is a very reliable and easy to use viral video website that is completely free! Upon posting your videos, anyone and everyone will be able to access it online.
ii. Create a good testimonial
Bring your video camera along when promoting your products or delivering a project to a customer. Once your discussion is drawing to a close, find a good point to ask your customer for a short testimonial about your product. Assure your customer that their identity will remain confidential and that all you need is a couple of statements about their experience with your product which you will share with your future clients. With their consent, take out your camera and record their testimonial.
iii. Transfer your footage to a computer
With a good testimonial video in your camera, transfer your footage to a computer. Ensure that your format is in a format supported by YouTube such as WebM, MPEG4, 3GPP, MOV, AVI, VMW, MPEGPS and FLV.
iv. Editing
Get video editing software and use it to make your video more interesting by adding nice background music. You can also use Windows Movie Maker to edit your video.
v. Upload your testimonial to YouTube
Click on the “upload” link at the top of the screen beside the search bar. Follow the instructions and get your video on the World Wide Web. You need to come up with a good title with useful descriptive tags and relevant keywords in order to increase the chances of search engines locating your video.
There are tons of things which you can do to make your video interesting in order for it to go viral and attract more views while generating more traffic to your site. All you have to do is being creative and open minded.