Knowing What Kind of Sites to Stay Away From for Promotion

Knowing What Kind of Sites to Stay Away From for Promotion
If you own your website, chances are, you’re going to want to promote it as much as possible. The more you promote it, the more business you’re going to get for your company and, in return, the more money you’re going to get. However, one of the amateur mistakes that a lot of new website owners make is they spam the internet trying to get links which results in getting sandboxed in Google. Getting sandboxed means being removed from the search engine results. The best way to prevent this is to know what kind of sites to stay away from.

  • Sites that promote illegal content. You don’t want to be getting links to your site from a hate group’s website. This will only make Google think you’re part of the hate group which definitely won’t give you a positive result to the search engines OR your customers. Imagine if they saw you linked from the KKK.
  • Sites that are in no way a part of your niche. If you are in the car business, don’t try and buy links on sites about parental methods. What this does is show that there is no relevance and once Google thinks you’re buying links, they accuse you of it and then you are removed from the search engines. Buying links is fine. Just do it the right way.
  • Sites that get their links from shady places. The saying “guilty by association” is true. If you are linked to from a site that gets links from a shady place, you’re going to be penalized as well. You want to know the details of what kind of sites link to a site so that you are safe.
  • Sites that link to dangerous sites. If they are linking to dangerous sites, it labels that site as more dangerous. If it links to your site, Google may consider your site a more dangerous site. This is very dangerous for your search engine rankings and is something that you do not want to let happen.

Having strong rankings is a much desired thing. Promoting your site on a lot of different sites is a great thing. However, just because it is a great thing doesn’t mean you should post links on every site you come across. Do research and only get links to your site on sites that truly fit the niche. It’ll work out best for you in the end.