Relevance is Key When Building Links

I know I’ve mentioned it a lot in other articles about how relevance is key when building links and all of that jazz, but I wanted to dedicate an article to it because it really is an important concept to take into consideration. To understand it, here is a little bit of a history lesson about Google. Once you understand this lesson, you’ll be better able to understand why relevance is key.
When Google was first started, what the owners wanted was a site that ranked sites based on the number of links they got. So, if one site got 100 links and the other got 1000 links, obviously the site with 1000 links was more of an authority than the one with the one hundred links. Unfortunately, what Google found out was that it was tremendously easy to go and just start spamming the internet with links so that you could rank successfully in the search engines. It’s easy to manipulate new websites.
Google, though, is notorious for being smart and so they were able to figure out that people were doing this. So, what they did was made it so that if you added too many links aimed at your site in too short a period of time, you were considered a spammer and so, you were removed from the search engines. So, what people did was bought a few links a week and built them that way. Google didn’t know the links were bought and the link builder got high quality links and a few at a time.
Finally, Google was tired of people manipulating their search engines. They said that buying links was against the rules and if you bought them, you’d be removed from the search engines. That was scary to a lot of people, but the thing was, Google relied on links. So, people were still able to buy links. It just changed. Now, people bought links on sites within their niches. People shared link juice this way.
By understanding that, you’ll understand why relevance is important. Google wants their search engine to be the best. So, they constantly make updates. Buying links is a pivotal part in making your website grow bigger. However, the best way to do it is to buy links on relevant sites. It is better to have a relevant link than a non-relevant link. Often times, a stronger non-relevant link is actually weaker than a weak relevant link. Relevance is important. Buy relevant links to promote your site and you’ll find your rankings skyrocketing.