Staying Connected is Important for Your Site

As your website grows, more and more potential customers are going to be coming to your site and sending you questions and queries about different things. It may be a question about whether or not that product is in stock. Or, it may be a question asking which product you suggest for their body type: A or B. Or, finally, it may just be a question that is asking for more information about your particular service that your website may not be able to provide. So, it is obviously very important to stay connected to the life of your website. Here are a few things to do:

  • Get high speed internet for your house and your place of business. You want to be able to log on and access your e-mail a few times a day so that you can reply to any questions or comments by a customer. It might seem like common sense, but a lot of businesses are still using slow internet and that’s just wasted productivity.
  • Get a work phone that has e-mail access. Consider it a work expense and write it off the taxes. Whatever you do, though, consider getting a work phone. If you get a question in the middle of the day and it is really important, you can shoot a quick e-mail back with a quick answer that says, “If you need more info, I will send more.” This way, you can send more when you get to your computer. It won’t make the customer feel unwelcome.

You want to constantly have access to your e-mail. When running a very small business where you are pretty much the only employee, you have the burden of ensuring that it constantly grows. Having a Blackberry on your hip may seem frustrating since it is like you are constantly at work, when you are in the building stages of your business, you want your customers to feel welcome.
One of the big mistakes people make when owning a site is not getting back to their visitors. If a visitor sends an e-mail or comments, always reply. Even if you don’t want to get a cell phone with e-mail and just want to check at night, it is imperative you reply. People always remember who didn’t reply and this will only damage your reputation on the web, not help it. So, reply and you’ll find that those visitors not only return, but tell other people to check the site out. Stay connected. Your site depends on it.