Tampa Video Production and Video Editing, Website Design and SEO
Perhaps you are thinking about having a commercial made for your company. You want to advertise this new product that you’re providing, but don’t have the technical ability to make it. Or, perhaps you’re tremendously web savvy and want to get a link bait video made that will go viral around the web, all with links back to your site to give you a big surge in both links and traffic. If you’re either of these people, you should consider contacting us so that we can do a video for you.
Some of what we do at Tampa Web Design is a lot of video production. The way it works is simple. You call us, set up a free consultation, and we go over a series of details. Do you want the video to be funny or serious? Provide a lot of information or just a little with contact information? Be long or be short? We take notes throughout the entire consultation and then we give you some of our ideas that we, as the technical side of things, think will really work well. We give you these ideas and then, once we figure out a final idea, we get to work.
The reason you want to get a video made, especially if you’re a growing company, is because it gives you a chance to get some link bait. When blogs were growing large, a lot of bloggers used videos to try and market their site. They’d provide information about a certain topic and then let that video go viral on YouTube. The same can happen for your company. If you own a company that does landscaping, you can have a video made that discuss great ways to make your front lawn look good without a lot of money, for example. By doing this, you are getting links, traffic, and providing valuable information.
Most importantly, though, you are getting your name heard. The more people hear your name, the better it will be in the future when someone goes, “I need someone to do landscaping.” If you had been the one that made this video, they’ll remember you, look you up in the search engines (If your SEO is good) and then contact you. If you provide a service (information) for free, people are bound to contact you to get more help which is when you can say, “this is how much it’ll cost.” You give a little and get a lot. Contact us if you’re interested in having a video produced for your company.