Using a Video to Market Your Website

As you probably know by now, at Tampa Web Design, we are more than capable to do a lot of different work for your company. One of the things that we can do is video production. Video is a fantastic way to market your website and the honest thing about it is that it is becoming the growing method in which people are giving information out on the web. It used to be text, but more and more people are doing video podcasts to give information out because they’re relatively easy to make and you don’t have to be an amazing writer.
However, let’s say that you don’t want to make a podcast because that takes too much of your time. Instead, you just want to get a video on that has a “find out more at our website” section at the end. In essence, you just want to get a ton of people to see your video and then want to know more, so they type the URL of your site into their browser. That’s a great idea and a lot of people do it to build traffic.
There are two methods in which you can market your site with video:
* Provide honest and worthwhile information. Make a video that provides a solution to a problem. The best marketers are able to solve a problem. People want to know solutions, so if your video provides it, they’ll love it. Let’s say you own a blog all about blogging. You might make a video about how to install WordPress the long way. This is an honest video that provides information. If people start to spread it around, you’ve got a viral video going.
* Do a humorous video. This is the other method. This can be sarcastic or just humorous. In this method, you create a video in which the point of it is to be funny so that it is spread around. is great at this. They make videos that are hilarious, they get spread around and then people go back to the site looking for more. That can work for you too.
Video is a great way to market your site and you should be using it as often as possible. Don’t overwhelm YouTube with your videos, but if you could get one posted a week, that would be a great way to push a ton of traffic to your site. Try one out and see how it goes.