Using Google to Get Your Business on its Feet

Owning a website is a great feeling and it can be a really encouraging feeling to wake up, get on your computer and start publishing content on your business website with the hope of it becoming an authority. However, just because you are very motivated to get up in the morning and work, that doesn’t mean that people are actually going to be reading what you’re saying. There is a lot involved in getting people to read your content. Fortunately for you, the world’s biggest search engine, Google, has made it incredibly easy for your website to be found and for your business to get on its feet.

What Google has done is created a relatively straight forward algorithm for those that are trying to rank in the search engines naturally. On the flip side, they’ve created a tremendous advertising program in which people, if they have the money, can forsake the constant work of link building and on site SEO. Here, people can buy ads on certain keywords and get traffic that way. Which should you use for your website? Which of these Google methods can get your business on its feet? Good question.

  • Natural search engine traffic: Here is a great way to get traffic and the method is simple. Google’s algorithm is based on the principle that the more links you have, the better you are going to rank in their search engine. However, Google doesn’t just want any links. What Google wants to see is that you are getting links from other sites within the same niche as you. Getting links from a politics site when your site is about baseball just doesn’t fit and this could get you penalized. However, other than that, having strong, relevant links is the trick to get ranked. Sure, there are other details, but this is the basic method.
  • Advertising Program: AdWords is a fantastic way to get traffic to your site, but it can be a bit expensive. In this program, you’re paying for each and every click to your site on the ads. The way this works is that you pick a keyword that you want to advertise with and whenever someone searches for that, if your pay/click is highest, your ad will appear and the visitor can click. A lot of people have had a lot of success with this technique.

Google can be a great way to get your business on its feet, but there are two ways to approach it. You can do the slower, but often times cheaper technique of natural search engine traffic. On the flip side, you can do the faster, but more expensive AdWords campaign. Whichever route you choose, though, it’s easy to understand that Google is a great way to get the traffic you need and want to your website. Traffic means money!