Using Offline Techniques to Build Your Website

When people think about owning a website, they think that they need to hire a company to do SEO, they need to build links, write articles for article marketing, post on blogs and forums, and just do a whole bunch of online stuff. What they don’t take into consideration is there is another entire step of methods in which you can promote your site without even having to be in front of your computer. These techniques are a bunch of offline methods that can be applied so that more people can find you. This is best used when your site may not be ranked so highly in the search engines. Here are a few methods:

  • Get pens made with your website URL on them. It’s so easy to pass a pen out to someone when they ask. If they go to give it back, tell them to keep it.
  • Carry your business card around on you. You can get really inexpensive ones at some online websites. Get them and include your website on it so when someone asks you for your phone number, you can give them the card and they’ll see your website.
  • Put an ad in the newspaper. Newspaper ads are still really good. They don’t do as much as they used to, but a lot of people still go and read newspapers.
  • Submit a press release to your local paper. Your local paper may pick it up and write a story about you. This story will, in return, create talk about you which may send you an increase in traffic.
  • Just talk about your website. Tell your friends and your family that you have this new website, that it’s an addition to your business already, and you are really looking to get it larger.

These are five ways. There are hundreds. I’ve used tons of different methods when promoting offline. You could be in a conversation about the topic of your site and then you could suddenly say, “Hey, I actually wrote an article about that on my site. Check it out.” Boom. One more visitor. One visitor may not seem like a lot, but if you remember viral marketing, one can lead to two can lead to four and the list goes on. Don’t spend your entire life on your computer trying to promote your site. Go out, experience life, and promote that way as well. It really does work.