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Finance is widely classified into Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Microeconomics determines the behavior and interaction of individual units (like person, organizations, households, buyers, and sellers) in the economy. Whereas macroeconomics deals with the analysis of the aggregate economy, factors affecting it, inflation, price levels, national income, monetary etc. Writing a dissertation in the domain of finance includes not only theoretical justifications but also qualitative and quantitative analysis using statistical tools. This is the reason students always prefer to take help from an economics dissertation/ thesis writing service. In economics dissertation, the most precarious part is methodology and dissertation discussion. Identifying an accurate method for examination and carrying out daring discussion is not child’s play. Hence it is always advisable to handover your dissertation to an expert economics dissertation/ thesis writer.
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Tablet in Education TIE in Siem Reap, Cambodia

About the Tablet in Education TIE

Siem Reap is home to the largest temple monument of the world – the Angkor Wat. This unassuming town, a popular tourist destination, boasts of mesmerizing architecture and sculptures, wonderfully exotic food, and warm, friendly people. Situated north-west of Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, Siem Reap attracts more than a million tourists each year.
Just outside the town, in the village of Watsvay of the Salakamreuk Commune, lies an ambitious school. This unpretentious school is marching steadily into the future despite the odds that are stacked against best academic writing service eeee12e. The road to the Smiling Hearts School is bumpy. It is often dusty. And during the rainy seasons, it is often filled with puddles of water.
However wet the road and school might be, the spirit and the will of the school director, the teachers and pupils are not in any way dampened. On the contrary, these stakeholders of the educational process make the most of whatever resources that are available to ensure the successful operations of the school. They have one common goal: to secure a better future for the Cambodian children of Siem Reap.
The Smiling Hearts school located next to a house is small. It consists of modest classroom shacks equipped with only the basic necessities for the teachers and pupils to function. And function, they do. The walls are not constructed of concrete. Instead, they are humble partitions made of crisscrossed meshes of wooden sticks. Thus, water gets into the classrooms when it rains. The floor is not tiled, hence the pupils step on dust and sand. Each classroom is fixed with only one small electric fan, to cool up to 30 pupils. These pupils sometimes have to endure temperatures of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or 37 degrees Celsius just to attend a lesson.

The school may lack in infrastructure, but it is never lacking in heart, trust and spirit.

The Smiling Hearts School of Siem Reap was started by its Director, Somaly San. Fondly known as Aly, this strong and passionate woman now heads the organisation with a population of over two hundred pupils. The Smiling Hearts School opened its door on November 1st, 2010 and quickly, it became an outstanding example of a school providing pragmatic solutions to academic challenges faced by the community.
In line with her vision, Aly has now boldly ventured into a new area of education. She is incorporating computer technology into the teaching, learning and management processes of her school.
The Tablet in Education (TIE) project took flight in mid-2013 and today, the school is equipped with 10 tablet computers that are shared among all the students. Albeit meager in number, Aly, the teachers and the pupils are – as always – making the most of whatever they got.
Using the free apps available in Google Play, the pupils of the Smiling Hearts School are not only learning about the computer, they are learning with the computer. Another key area in the TIE project is the teacher training program. Together, the teachers and director resourcefully incorporate the software and hardware of the tablets into the teaching, learning and administration of the school system. The TIE School System is divided into three major areas namely, Student Applications, Teacher Assist and School Management.
The unpretentious Tablet in Education (TIE) project that has started in Siem Reap does in some ways show signs of a new beginning. At the very least, it speaks volume about how technology can find its way even to the most unexpected corner of our planet.

Guide on Writing a Business Plan

Business Plan Writing Guidelines

Don’t know how to create a business plan? We provide the info about how to write a business plan: tips, hints, recommendations. Besides, you can use our custom writing service and buy it online for a cheap price. Our best student helpers can offer you not only essays and research papers but also any writing task you need.Writing a business plan requires a special format and proper order to achieve the goal. People usually need this document when they have some ideas about new enterprise or want to radically change work of their company or firm.The main purposes of any plan are the following: to explain and reveal the ideas to the possible business partners; to impress the investors with these ideas; to move toward a financial institution or a bank for a loan.Not only business persons write such plans but also business students who want to make the career in business or banking spheres.

Creating a Business Plan

First, plan every step. Remember that you will need to have meetings and several discussions of your plan with the colleagues, as well as make researches and calculations.Enumerate all meetings, investigations, and discussions you need to have before making a plan.All your notes, data, and brochures should have separate folders.Systematize your jottings into marketing study, product study, sales, promotions, and finance.Create a bulleted list that will include all essential aspects of your plan.Don’t forget to create a customer or client profile.Take notes about your plan of actions, the benefits you offer, and your selling project.In your introduction, show that you comprehend what is required of you. Besides, make sure to mention your point of view about the business’ start-up, growth, and evolution.

Significant Issues to Remember

Before preparing a business plan, you should arrange many meetings and discussions. Even if you are the only person who will have the business, you still need to meet other people of this sphere. Remember to meet your possible investors, suppliers, loan providers, representatives of the market, publicists, promoters, etc.

Take notes of every meeting you attend and every discussion you participate. Organize your notes properly.

Collect all documentation of permissions as well as different facts and samples. Do not forget to make several copies and certify them by a public officer. All documentation must be placed in a separate folder. Create a word processing folder. Here, you will type your jottings and change them if needed.Do not forget about figures and calculations. They are as important as your ideas and thoughts. Those people who will read your plan want to see the evidence and facts along with your ideas.

The above points are the principles of your plan. Show yourself as a self-confident businessperson, avoid errors and uncertainty, and include only the most important information, deleting those data which could be confusing.Your writing technique should be clear and accurate. The most successful techniques are the following: include data and proof, use reason and rationale, and appeal to the reader’s intelligence. Remember that you will offer your plan to such people as public officials, loan providers, or examiners.

Unite all suitable issues that have a direct connection to your business. Exclude all diversions.Each issue of your business plan can be written in form of a paragraph. Paraphrase information from your certificates, use data from meetings, interviews, and discussions.Your writing style should be accurate and semi-formal. Avoid using conversational style.

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Tips to Write a Good Paper

Уникальность 100% - ok-Tips to Write a Good Paper student chooses to

Some Tips to Write a Good Paper

Free business dissertation is the kind of theoretical work which postgraduate students of business department should present by the end of their study.

Free Business Dissertation: How to Choose a Topic?

The process of defining a topic for a dissertation is a time consuming task. First of all, it should be original. If a student chooses to write a free business dissertation about the things which were already investigated in the work of another student, his/her dissertation will lack originality.Another aspect which should be taken into account while defining the theme of free business dissertation is its topicality. It will sound rather odd if a student’s dissertation is devoted to the economic development of Europe in medieval period. This is the aspect of history but not business.
Free Business Dissertation: The Importance of ProposalTips to Write a Good Paper of chapters of the
If a student has chosen the  topic of his/her free business dissertation, the next step he/she has to do is to create a good proposal which has to persuade the committee of a college/university that the dissertation is worth investigation. That is why a student should take into account the importance of proposal.

Free Business Dissertation: What Should Be Included into the Proposal?

Here one can find the list of the most important aspects which should be included into the proposal of a free business dissertation:A student should provide the committee with the title of his/her free business dissertation.Another thing which should be included into proposal is a contents page. Other things that a student should add to his/her proposal of the free business dissertation: the abstract, the preface, the introduction, the list of chapters of the dissertation, conclusion, bibliography, and appendices of the work. In case you are still struggeling with your proposel, ask for assistance an essay writer canada aaaa2aau.

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 Where to Buy Essays Online at a Reasonable Cost

Уникальность 78_02% - ok-Essays Online at a Reasonable Cost Below are some directions that

Students who possess good writing skills can deal with writing assignments easily. But what should people with poor writing skills do? Writing skills are not inborn, but can be cultivated. There are some typical methods that can be used by students to enhance their ability to write. Below are some directions that you can use if you don’t want to buy essays online, but to write them on your own.


Don’t start to reply to a question you’ve got until you fully understand it. You should be very precise when you are answering a prompt. Get plenty of time to think about what you are going to write about. However, at this stage, a lot of students realize they don’t know how to deal with their essays – that’s why they ask themselves, “where can I buy essays online?” If you are one of them, we can help you with that.


Before you start writing online assignment, you should have some ideas. Write down possible paragraph headings and determine the most suitable points of your paper. Think about more details to add to your paper. After you have mapped out your essay, you can begin the writing process. But if you plan doesn’t help you to start your paper, think of these questions: “where can I buy essays online?” or “who can help me with my essay?”

Write Out

As you begin to write your essay, enable readers know where you are likely. Include the argument in the introduction that you will cultivate. Think how you will craft an engaging and persuasive essay. Remember that your paper is not only a list of points. Never allow your paper to become overburdened with irrelevant particulars. Include only relevant arguments. But if you can’t complete a decent paper, think about buying an essay.

Your Essay is a Story

A good essay should be about conflict or change. The difference is the fact within a paper, the conflict is among different facts, and the alteration is inside how we should understand people’s thoughts. It means that a proper essay is about surprise. Buying an essay is a good option if you can’t compose an interesting structure for your essay.

How to Motivate Yourself

It is pretty normal to feel unmotivated while writing an essay. Even professional writers feel like that from time to time. But you should find something that makes you motivated to write an essay: getting a high grade, improving writing skills for completing future assignments, and so on. If you can’t find any motivation, buy an essay online to get rid of your writing problem.

What Surprises You About the Topic

The main mistakes that students commit while writing essays is trying to write what they think their professor wants to see. Don’t do that. Look for engaging things which are related to your topic. Write about things that surprise you.If you can’t think of anything that surprises you, then your research is not adequate. As you are researching your subject, do research until you find something surprising, and don’t get started with writing until that comes to you. But if it seems impossible to you, you can buy an essay online on our site.

Write Five Initial Sentences

A standard essay with three main points is developed from five sentences, surrounded by supporting paragraphs that are backed up with five sentences again. If you feel confused, simply write five sentences.If you want to include words of other people in your essay, there are two ways: to quote them or to paraphrase whatever you’ve read in your own words, providing adequate credit. It can help you to produce a well-written essay, though you must remember that plagiarizing will only end in trouble for you.

Write an Introduction, a Body and a Conclusion

An introduction is often the toughest part to write in your essay. That’s why we suggest to write your introduction last, and write body paragraphs to figure out the essay’s principle issue. You don’t have to write it from start to finish.There are some phrases that you should avoid while writing your essay: “you,” “some,” “that,” “things,” forget about cliches and to be verbs. Also, some academic writers advice not to use “I” in essays, but a lot of academic papers include this pronoun. You’d better ask your instructor whether you should use or not.

The Usage of Wikipedia

Wikipedia can be a great tool for groundwork. Keep in mind that many professors don’t consider Wikipedia as a good source for an essay.  But you can use it for background research to learn everything about your topic to get started. Also, you can use it to find resources – you will  see lots of primary resources at the reference parts of Wikipedia.

Find an Essay Writer Online

It is not a secret that a professional writer can prepare a powerful essay. However, sometimes, it is rather difficult to find a dedicated writer. A professional will specifically concentrate on your subject matter and your requirements.

A qualified writer can complete a paper that will be authentic in wording and information throughout. If you want to buy essays online which are polished and of top quality, is what you really need.On our site, you can find an experienced writers who are able to follow all of your instructions. Our professional writers will help you to achieve goals in academic writing. You can be sure that all your requirements, expectations, and needs will be satisfied. If you don’t know what writer to choose, check out the feedback other customers have left to us.We have reasonable prices so that any student can afford buying papers on our site. The ordering process is as simple as possible. Just fill in an order form on our site with your requirements and set the deadline. If you have any questions, you can contact us 24/7. Don’t wait anymore – we are here to solve all your academic writing problems.Description: If you can’t complete a decent paper, think about buying an essay on our site. We will help you with any type of paper at affordable prices.